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Zhenghe Engineering Company is a supplier specializing in central air-conditioning cold and hot water system transportation pipeline solutions. Since 2007, it has focused on the development of pressure pipeline tapping technology (Hot Tapping), which uses a fully sealed and under pressure, "There is no need to stop the operation of the central air-conditioning system, and the pipes can be opened during system operation." Thus, new branch connections can be modified and constructed, allowing the system to add pipe branch transmission.

We provide one-stop water piping solutions for central air conditioning cold and hot water systems, inspecting, modifying, repairing, connecting and testing to maintain the integrity of the air conditioning piping and optimize the system.

After more than ten years of continuous service to mass customers in Hong Kong, under the challenge of the experience of pressure pipeline operation and the constantly changing requirements of the environment, we have worked hard to adjust our technological development and have now successfully developed the latest model of the fourth generation fully automatic Operate the pipeline opener and the pipe opening nozzle to ensure that the pipeline opener can be retracted to provide better services and meet the needs of more customers.

Zhenghe Engineering Company employs senior technical personnel. All projects are directly handled by technicians trained by the company and with unique relevant professional qualifications. We strive to provide reliable, safe and efficient high-quality services, and continue to maintain the concept of integrity to customers and develop together.

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